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Flying advanced MiG-41s from a forgotten airfield a covert strike team of hotshot US and Russian pilots wreak havoc throughout the Middle East. With Islamic unity broken and the region gearing up for war, the Russians have one last surprise, a stolen SS-20 nuclear warhead in Sandori hands. The team must fly one last mission to destroy this warhead before it can be moved, but a lone US intelligence officer accidentally discovers the awful truth and the Russians' terrible secret.


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AAA - Anti-Aircraft Artillery

ABCCC - Airborne Command, Control, Communications

AEW - Airborne Early Warning

Afterburner - a section of a jet engine where raw fuel is injected into exhaust stream to increase thrust for short periods of time

AA-2 Atoll - 1960’s vintage, Soviet-made heat seeking missile, rear aspect only

AA-8 Aphid - a short range, tactical, radar-guided surface to air missile

AA-11 Archer - a Russian short range, modern heat-seeking air-to-air missile, all aspect

AA-10 Alamo - a Russian medium range, semi-active radar homing air-to-air missile

AA-12 Apex - a Russian, medium range, active radar homing air-to-air missile

AIM-9 Sidewinder - a US-made, short range, heat seeking air-to-air missile

AIM-7 Sparrow - a US-made, semi-active radar homing air-to-air missile

AIM-120 AMRAAM - a modern, US-made, active radar homing air-to-air missile

AIM-130 AMRAAM II - a fictional advanced version of the AIM-120

AGL - Height Above ground level

AWACS - Airborne Warning and Control System, USAF radar surveillance plane

AWG-9 - Air to air intercept radar used by the F-14A/B Tomcat


B-1 Lancer - Boeing, 4 engine, conventional bomber

B-2 Spirit - Northrop, 4 engine, stealthy conventional/nuclear bomber

B-52 Stratofortress - Boeing, 8-engine, strategic conventional/nuclear/maritime bomber

Bandit - Aircraft identified as an enemy

BARCAP - Barrier Combat Air Patrol

Barrage Jamming - Radar jamming designed to affect a large frequency range

Bogey - potential bandit, but not yet verified


CAP - Combat Air Patrol

CBU - Cluster Bomb Unit, essentially a canister that when dropped from an aircraft opens and spreads hundred of smaller tennis ball sized bombs called BLUs over a wide area

Celestial navigation - using observations of celestial bodies to generate navigation solutions, usually using a sextant

Chaff - radar-reflective aluminum foil strips ejected from aircraft with the intent of deceiving and defeating ground to air threat radars

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

Command Guidance - Missile guidance signals sent from ground station to missile based on radar returns from target aircraft

Continuous Wave radar - a radar beam that transmits continuously. CW usually cannot determine distance to target unless frequency is modulated. Typically used for missile guidance.

Control Rods - Rods inserted in the core of a nuclear reactor to moderate or slow the nuclear reaction


Deception Jamming - a form of radar jamming whereby the enemy is fed misleading or incorrect information as to the range, location or number of enemy aircraft

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency


Early Warning Radar - Radar with extreme long range used to detect incoming aircraft

ECM - Electronic Countermeasures, ie radar jammers, chaff, flares

ESM - Electronic Surveillance Measures, ie passive radar receivers, radio receivers, etc

EW - Electronic warfare, use of the electromagnetic spectrum to gain military advantage

EW - Electronic Warfare Officer, also called an EWO

EWO - Emergency War Order

EA-6B - Grumman, 4 seat, carrier-based , attack aircraft employing HARM, ESM, ECM for SEAD mission


F-14 - Grumman, 2-seat, twin engine, US Navy fleet defense jet fighter

F-15C - Boeing, single seat, twin engine, USAF air superiority jet fighter

F-15E - Boeing, two seat, twin engine, USAF multi-purpose jet fighter

F-16 - General Dynamics, single seat, single engine USAF multi-purpose jet fighter

F-18A/C - Boeing, single seat, multi-purpose, twin engine US Navy jet fighter

F-22 - Lockheed, single seat, twin engine, stealthy, USAF air superiority fighter

Flares - Burning cubes of magnesium design to decoy heat seeking missiles

FLIR - Forward Looking Infra-Red

Fox-One - Semi-active, radar-guided air-to-air missile shot

Fox-Two - Heat seeking air-to-air missile shot

Fox-Three - Active radar-guided air-to-air missile shot

Fox-Four - Air-to-air guns shot


Gadget bent - Radar inoperative

Gator Mine - CBU-89 area denial cluster bomb unit


HARM - High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile

Height Finder - radar designed to determine altitude of incoming aircraft


IFF - Identification, Friend or Foe


JDAM - Joint Direct Attack Munition, GPS-guided bomb


KC-10 - Boeing, 3-engine tanker aircraft used for aerial refueling, based on DC-10

KC-135 - Boeing, 4 engine tanker aircraft used for aerial refueling

NSA - National Security Agency


LOS - Line of Sight

LPI - Low Probability of Intercept Radar, low power, frequency-hopping air radar


M-117 - 750 lb general purpose bomb used by B-52 Stratofortress

Magnum - tactical lexicon meaning HARM launch in progress

MANPAD - Man-Portable Air Defense System, Shoulder-fired heat seeking missiles

Mark-82 - 500 lb general-purpose bomb

Mark-84 - 2000 lb general-purpose bomb

MFD - Multi-functional Display

MiG - Originally Mikoyan-Gurevich, now called Mikoyan Industrial Group

MiG 29 - short range, twin engine, single seat, Russian multi-purpose fighter

MiG-35 - advanced version of the MiG 29

MiG-41 - fictional advanced version of the MiG-29

MSL - Mean Sea Level; height above sea level

Music - Slang for communications or radar jamming


Noise jamming - Radar jamming that blots out large sectors of a radarscope with static


OAS - Offensive Avionics System used by B-52 for weapons employment and navigation


Pulse Doppler Radar - radar which uses the Doppler shift to determine location, speed and direction of a target. Usually can filter out unmoving objects such as terrain, buildings, etc.



Radar Altimeter - device that uses radar to determine height above terrain

Radar Cross-section - cross-sectional area in meters squared detectable by radar

Radar Horizon - the line of sight range a radar can see based on the curvature of the earth

Range Gate Pull-off - a jamming technique used to feed false range information to enemy radar

Range While Search - a search mode of an air to air radar


SA-2 Guideline - Russian, high altitude, command guidance, surface to air missile

SA-3 GOA - Russian, high/medium altitude, semi-active guidance, surface to air missile

SA-5 Ganef - Russian, very long range, semi-active homing SAM

SA-6 Gainful - Russian, low altitude, semi-active guidance, SAM with home on jam capability

SA-7 - Shoulder-fired, man portable heat seeking SAM with rear-aspect-only capability

SA-8 Gecko - Short range, low/medium, semi-active radar guided SAM

SA-10 Grumble - an advanced Russian high/lo altitude, active-radar guided SAM

SA-14 - Shoulder-fired, man portable heat seeking SAM with all-aspect capability

SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defense

SIOP - Single Integrated Operational Plan, US Nuclear war plan

Smoky SAM - small cardboard rocket fired at aircraft during exercises to simulate MANPADs

Squawk - To transmit an identifying code using the IFF system

SU - product of the Sukoi Design Group

SU-27/30/34/35 - Russian, single and dual seat, twin engine multi-purpose fighters

Super maneuverability - the ability to maneuver the aircraft beyond the envelop of simple aerodynamics using thrust vectoring and other techniques

Stealth - possessing a very small radar cross section, typically the size of a small bird


Track While Scan - a mode used by air to air radar to track targets while continuing to scan for other targets

Thrust-vectoring - using a gimbaled engine nozzle to direct thrust in more than one dimension

Tumbleweed - tactical lexicon meaning complete loss of situational awareness




Winchester - tactical lexicon for “out of ammunition/missiles”




ZSU-23-4 - a self-propelled, 4-barrel, 23 mm, radar guided Russian anti-aircraft gun

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